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Ranking order new member registration number is large
In good online casinos, the number of “new member registration” is the ranking of the large order.

Online Casino Popularity Index
Play with smartphone Berajon

Online Casino Popularity Index

● management company: Plain Support, Inc.
[Stock listed companies]
● Founded: February 26, 2011
● Headquarters: Costa Rica (Central America)
● License: Malta (examination is strictly, the global financial state, which is said to get difficult)
Malta (British Commonwealth member countries) is very popular with the wealthy in leading financial nation in the world.
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Online Casino Popularity Index
Empire to play in the smartphone

Online Casino Popularity Index

● management company: Nugget Projects Inc
● Founded: February 13, 2015
● License: Philippines
Fully compatible with smartphones and tablets, the next generation online casino, which was adopted there is no need for download browser game.
Operating company is a foreign land casino company, operates a real casino.
In the Empire a very lot of beauty and 50 table alone “Baccarat” in the live game is waiting, you have many a strong man to earn more than one million yen in Baccarat.
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Play with smartphone W88

Online Casino Popularity Index

● management company: MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD
● Established: July 2013
● License: Philippines
Just landed in Japan in November 2015, “W88” is,
In addition to creating one account,
“Live table games”,
“Slot machine”,
“Sports base Ttingu”
“Poker Room”,
Such as “Kinorumu”, it recommends full-fledged enjoy all five of the casino mainstream game.
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Net bet to play in the smartphone

Online Casino Popularity Index

● management company: iSoftBet
● Established: 2001
● License: Malta
Name recognition in Europe, such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Malta and Spain have gained high popularity, the long-established site of online casinos and sports betting is “NetBet (net bed).”
Landed in Japan in February 2014, Japanese full support, smartphones, have adopted all three of the latest form of non-downloadable browser game, it is one of the most attention is high casino.
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William Hill Casino to play in the smartphone

Online Casino Popularity Index

● management company: William Hill
● Established: 1934
● License: Gibraltar
Founded in England in 1934, he started the business as a bookmaker, knowledgeable (familiar), honest (honest), got a high reputation as a trustworthy (reliable).
Is a super famous gambling companies that have shares listed on the London Stock Exchange.
It has a user across the world 175 countries or more, six languages, supports 11 kinds of currency.
Have also of course 2300 of the store off-line, we have received a bet of more than 1 million.
Telephone betting accepted by is famous as the largest telephone sports betting company in the UK that the simultaneous corresponding possible at 600 lines.
Commentary of William HILL is here

Online or casino is illegal?
When you say from conclusion, “not illegal”.

There is no law to crack down on online casinos.

Also that the Japanese can enjoy the casinos in Macau and Las Vegas,
Since there is no law police abroad.

◆ Caution
Do not exploit the “online casino”.
For example, in TV broadcasting,
Speaking in the period drama,
“Do Han?, Butterfly or?” Shook the dice thing there was a sight to open a gambling den that.

People to the online casino play to open the gambling field are sometimes arrested.
This does not go.
As in the old days of the period drama, it is OUT have opened the gambling field.

Familiar entertainment “pachinko” is also, I gambling.
While there is a gambling law, we are not playing with pachinko and slot.

In the pachinko industry,
A mechanism that 3 shop system or a four-store system, are you past the gambling law.

The presence of various “gray zone”.
Sparrow, but the act of the mah-jong bet Zhuang is also illegal, most of the people are allowed to write notes, I think that it is style that you want to settle later.

Japan even though “the world of gambling nation”, I know reality is that prohibits gambling.

For example,
Sales amount of the pachinko industry
If you look at the approximate comparison of the amount of sales (2015),
● sales amount of the pachinko industry in Japan
“About 19 trillion yen”

● sales of the world’s largest of Macau casino
“About 2.3 trillion yen”

● Sales of Casino in Las Vegas
“About 5 thousand 80 billion yen”

● In Japan, in addition to the slingshot, there is such as such as horse racing, boat races, bicycle race,
The total amount of money. How much?

Japan is what great “gambling nation”.

First of all, gambling crime,
Are needed basis accomplice or opposing offenses,
Things that the other party with no gambling act is not idea,
So to speak is a crime that is illegal in the other party and the set.

Because it is facing criminal, I feel that the Toka bookmaker and the players, administrators and players.
This, the application of the principle gambling crime to be able to pursue criminal charges both is say difficult.

In the case of online casinos,
Toka bookmaker, administrator, so-called managers,
On the basis of international law abroad, won the “license” has been legally operated from the government.
So, you have to connect with the Internet,
Also fun to play online casino, we can say that there is no problem.

For example, the license issued by the “Republic of Malta” government.
Online Casino Popularity Index

Online Casino Popularity Index
Malta is a British Commonwealth member countries, it is one of the leading financial nation in the world.
It is a very popular state to the wealthy.

In fact, online casinos, began from the United Kingdom (1994) I have a history.
Strict style to companies from the history of the United Kingdom we will see.

Developed countries of style in order to protect the player,
In the online casino,
“Demonstrated in that you have a [license] of government-issued”
In the style of, it has been completed.

The online casinos have a “license”,
With confidence that people around the world to deposit a “realistic money” to the online casino, you are playing betting on that money.

If there was if trivial distrust, people all over the world is not played with payment to online casinos.

Let alone,
VIP people the big money, from the reality of playing with payment to online casinos, is can not be that there is no reliable action.

Come on, you also please enjoy online casino.
In our site, we introduce only good online casino that [license] acquisition of government-issued.

Excellent online casino [Empire]

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